Breathe Beyond

Conscious Connected Breathing
& Self-Development

Are you experiencing yourself in a state of flow?  
Do you find yourself stuck or blocked?
Do you feel a need to be supported, to be held in a space of presence
that will enable you to consciously take your next steps?





blockage release
decision support




Meditation &


"Awaken your consciousness
to the expanded sense
of who YOU really ARE.
Tap again into your
natural state of FLOW"

Breathe Beyond!

Who is Breathe Beyond?

A team of committed, dedicated, passionate Breathworkers who have experienced their lives being radically transformed through Breathwork – through nothing more than developing a conscious connection between the breath's inhale and exhale. Ultimately this connection is, on deeper level, with themselves and, through this process, have come to understand their life purpose is to guide others on their own path towards holistic, embodied wellbeing.

felicia hayden breathe beyond
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francesco pavanetto breathe beyond

Breathe Beyond - Breathworkers see themselves and you as whole.  Nothing to fix. Nothing to improve. Nothing to change, nothing to gain. Instead the process is to reveal - like an onion, peeling off layer by layer of inherited roles, limiting beliefs, deep traumas, paralysing fears and much more that hinder our true potential to shine forth. It is a true honour to assist you on your own journey of self-discovery and healing. Beyond your mind - into the expanded sense of who you are.

Connect with your breath and connect your in- and out-breaths together. Yes – it really is as simple as that.
In a session lasting over an hour you breathe in and out through the mouth without pausing after the inhale and the exhale. You breathe continuously- rhythmically, deeply and with a certain softness.

Are you ready to breathe beyond? To breathe beyond the core limiting beliefs you have about yourself? Beyond your fears? Beyond your many identities and roles? Beyond your ideas about yourself? Beyond your doubts? Beyond your trauma and disappointments?

With each and every breath of connected Breathwork we are able to thrive in our most natural state of flow. We experience a deep connection with our “higher Self” or, in other words, our heart’s innate wisdom.