What is Breathwork?

Connected Breath

Breathe Beyond is a gentle approach towards Breathwork. The focus lies on the rhythmic, deep, softness of the connected breath- deeply inhaling, softly exhaling and without pause. We also incorporate gentle and non-invasive inquiry during a Breathwork session. 


Inquiry supports the breather to gain clarity and a comprehensive understanding for traumatising and painful experiences. This includes the experiences of birth, childhood trauma like conflict with siblings, the loss of a grandparent, physical and emotional abuse or the refusal, say, of simply asking for some ice cream, to give just a few examples.


We also use bodywork practice in our Breathwork sessions. The healing power of touch through pressure points and meridian activation helps to release blockages in the different layers of the body.

The goal is to integrate and heal emotions from traumatic experiences which were not adequately processed at the time. Later in life such trauma is often not graspable with mind-consciousness, but still it is there: residing in the body‘s memory, replaying itself in our day to day lives so that you will become aware of it.

Breathwork supports you to be able to let go of the pain, the disappointment or anger which doesn’t serve in the now-moment anymore. Through Breathwork you not only become able to understand with your mind but also perceive through the wisdom of your heart.

The softness of the connected breath allows you to go deep within and to not bypass the subtle traumas of experiences in our lives.

Breathe beyond.
Breathe yourself free. Breathe to flow.

The holistic benefits of Breathwork
for your wellbeing

Regenerate your body

  • the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated

  • stress and anxiety can be reduced or fully released

  • it can induce deep relaxation

  • the immune system is strengthened

  • Breathwork can be used to assist in the recovery process after an accident

  • it can help promote the body’s sleeping rhythm

Feel your heart’s wisdom

  • it enhances your creativity

  • it can help you to feel more emotionally connected andhelp to cultivate empathy

  • it harmonises the body’s energy centres

  • emotional blockages can be released

  • it empowers you to align with your higher self - your deepest inner truth

Clarify your mind

  • it can release deep sadness and trauma

  • Breathwork encourages you to release your core limiting beliefs

  • higher states of consciousness can be reached

  • it supports you to be clearer with your needs and with the people around you