The Beyond-Collective

The Beyond-Collective is comprised of a group of individuals (also YOU perhaps?) with a diverse set of proficiencies from all over the world with various sustainable, inspiring, heart-centered projects that are blossoming. All are united by their intuitive focus on a conscious state of flow.

All who are part of the Beyond-Collective are aiming to raise awareness - through business and life coaching, through social projects in less fortunate societies, through traditional tantric practices, through a yoga-retreat center, through designing green terraces in cities, through conscious conversation with children - the list of the projects is long.


Why not allow yourself to be inspired, guided and advised by a highly skilled professional? Your personal needs matter but ,in reality, we do not always experience ourselves in a state of flow. We are here to support you!

The Beyond-Collective platform wants to establish conscious connections with each other, with each others talents, visions and ideas to enable us to expand to a wider spectrum - to more corners of the world, to connect with even more open hearts.

For a healthy & thrivingly successful life


Lisa Matzner

Gain clarity about yourself and initiate processes to be able to create a life of your dreams!
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Heal your mind & body 
Dr. Ameet Aggarwal Nd

Free videos on leaky gut, adrenal fatigue, liver detox, anxiety, stress, depression and trauma.
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Fokus Kokus
Ideenplatzl, Seminar, Shop

A space to hold your seminars and shop beautiful handcrafts
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Spirituelles Wissen

Die fundierten Ausbildungen und Seminare in der Schweiz. International bekannte und renommierte Ausbilder bieten fachgerechte und intensive Schulungen im Bereich Spiritualität, Medialität und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung an.
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Annette Müller
Spiritual connection and life coaching

Wir leben unser Leben im Bewusstsein nicht allein zu sein. Wir haben spirituelle Begleilter die uns zur Seite stehen und uns Ratschläge und Hinweise geben.
Dies ist meine Arbeitsweise im Coaching.
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Ayurveda, Yoga & More
Claudia Lackner

Leave stress behind.
How Yoga & Ayurveda support your wellbeing

Authentic places to retreat & nurture your body, mind & soul

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Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation in the Austrian Alps
Wabisabi Memory


Re-Green is an ecoculture center in Greece aiming to actively experience the power of Green living.

Consciously present yourself

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Stop Breath Grow
Sophie Maliphant

Conscious Graphic Design
& Mindful Living
Wabisabi Memory


Re-Green is an ecoculture center in Greece aiming to actively experience the power of Green living.

The joy to help unconditionally, because we are “one”

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Herz mit Schere

An educational project for local children and young adults in Thailand
Wabisabi Memory

The Country that shook

A heart for Nepal and its children

Vitamin N.  a.t.u.r.e.

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Naturally beautiful and healthy teeth
Wabisabi Memory


Clever revegetation and plants for your terrace or court yard in Vienna

Kissed by the Muse

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Mag. Sophie Führer

Art guide and certified creative educator
Wabisabi Memory

Wabisabi Memory

Wabisabi Memory is an art memory game; the 40 cards are made of bichrome monotypes.